Beethoven Building

Grupo Catalán has Beethoven's iconic building that offers the best businesses, including offices for rent, whose features remain true to our principles that are guaranteed by the experience, professionalism and quality of our group.

SLocated in the upper area of ​​the city, the Beethoven Building occupies a total area of ​​1.367m2 for 5.432,47m2commercial premises and offices, presenting a perfect setting for the location of a large sector of business, professional and business activities.

Customers like, Pacha Group, Lavazza Group, Primagas, River International, Starcom Mediavest Group, GlobalHealthCare, Atmira Disco, Karamba - Carlito's Group guarantee our prestige.

Functional design

In a time when companies require a high degree of adaptability to suit the market trends, the site is essential and sizing of commercial offices. To meet any new challenges, are changes in the business model, new or space requirements of technological developments, the building Beethoven provides functional and practical design that seeks, above all, the effectiveness and profitability of space without leaving the comfort and good taste.

Excellent location

In the center of one of the most desirable and upscale city, the building occupies a strategic Beethoven, due both to strong professional and commercial activity in the area, and its excellent communication with either private transport or transport public.

Only 50 meters from Diagonal Avenue and the Plaza Francesc Macia, Beethoven he built one corner chairs best placed of the city to the location of business and commercial activities, overlooking the gardens of the Parc Turo.


The 5.766m2 of area are distributed as follows:

  • Ground Floor: 153,2m2
  • P. Mezzanine: 180m2
  • First Floor: 570,57m2
  • Second to Seventh Floor: 642m2x6 = 3852m2
  • Penthouse/ Attic: 595m2
  • On/About Attic: 414,9m2

CATALAN GRUPO EMPRESARIAL C/ Beethoven, 15, 1º 7ª 08021 Barcelona (Spain) Tel: 93 201 58 25 Fax: 93 201 18 58 Email: