& H is the hotel management company owned by Catalán Grupo Empresarial.

Its hotels are carcaterizan to offer an innovative concept of hotel accommodation, providing the opportunity to be hosted in a hotel inspired by the house of a very familiar couple. Details about the experiences of the couple, reflecting the bond they feel with the city are the theme of the group's hotels.

& H guarantees a close, comfortable and full of experiences treatment. It aims to offer the traveler all the information and resources necessary to make him feel at home, giving the opportunity to know the city deeply and enjoy it from a more humane and personalized view.

CATALAN GRUPO EMPRESARIAL C/ Beethoven, 15, 1º 7ª 08021 Barcelona (Spain) Tel: 93 201 58 25 Fax: 93 201 18 58 Email: info@grupocatalan.com